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Bgogo ICO Review: A Crypto Exchange by Community for Community

bgogo ico review

​​​​​Table of Contents ​The Bgogo Project Solution​Bgogo ​Tokens​Bgogo ​T​eam​Partnerships​Tokenomics​Roadmap​Bgogo Strenghts​Bgogo ​Weaknesses​Final Score In a crowded space with lots of talk around various ICO’s and exchanges being developed, it’s refreshing to see lots of hype around one in particular – the Bgogo exchange (BGG). It’s branded as an exchange built by the community, for the community. Bgogo […]

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COTI ICO Review: An Alternative to VISA

coti ico review

​​​​Table of Contents The COTI Project Solution​COTI TOKENS​Team​Partnerships​Partnerships​Tokenomics​Roadmap​Positives and Negatives​COTI Strengths​Final Score To say the online payment industry is huge would be an understatement. With billions of people all over the world engaging in trillions of dollars of transactions, it’s no surprise a team of financial experts have grouped together to try and form an all-in-one […]

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Origin Protocol ICO Review: A Decentralized Sharing Economy Marketplace

Origin Protocol ICO Review

​​​Table of Contents         Market Overview​The Origin Protocol Solution​Origin Protocol TokensTeamPartnershipsTokenomicsOrigin Protocol StrengthsOrigin Protocol WeaknessesSummary​Final Score Origin Protocol wants to create an open source, decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing economy marketplace. our Origin Protocol ICO review and learn everything you need to know. The target is to allow buyers and sellers of goods […]

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ICO Investing 101:Be Smart And Avoid Costly Mistakes

ICO Investing 101

​​Table of Contents What Is an ICO?What is the process of creating an ICO?What Is a Token?What is an ERC20 Token?How to Invest in an ICOStep 1 – Buying EthereumStep 2 – Creating a WalletStep 3 – Finding an ICOStep 4 – Whitelisting and Passing KYCStep 5 – Buying Some Tokens​Some of the most successful […]

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